Webinar – Using Sleuth to Track Peer on Peer Abuse

A free 45 minute webinar hosted by the Sleuth Advisory Team demonstrating how Sleuth can be used to accurately record details of peer on peer abuse and to analyse incidents for patterns of behaviour and incident hotspots.

There are two date/time options available. To register simply click the date/time below that suits you, fill in your contact details and you will receive an email confirmng your place.

About the Webinar

Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance requires schools to have procedures for dealing with peer on peer abuse. This includes having systems for recording allegations and incidents and to understand the experiences of young people.

When students are physically or verbally aggressive to a peer, Sleuth records incident details accurately, including the behaviour(s) and views of those involved, plus witnesses and including all action(s) taken by staff at the time and subsequently, to support those affected.  Sleuth’s 1-click analysis will identify patterns of behaviour and incident hotspots so that staff can proactively support and protect students who may be at risk.

What you will learn during the webinar

The webinar will provide an overview of how to setup, record and analyse peer on peer behaviour in Sleuth.

Using the admin menu to customise behaviours to match your policy, for example:

  • physical aggression from one student directed toward another
  • sexualised behaviour directed toward a student
  • bullying (cyber-bullying, prejudice-based, discriminatory)
  • grouping related behaviours for analysis

How to record the actions taken following an incident, such as:

  • statements/observations from those present when the incident took place
  • a record of restorative conversations with students involved
  • details of conversations with parent/carers
  • the steps taken by SLT to quality assure the post-incident process

How to analyse data using Sleuth’s powerful search and report features:

  • using the Search/Report screen
  • using reports to analyse trends in the data
  • using reports to identify hotspots
  • using the Detailed Listing Report to review full incident details (and audit)

Tips for preparing for the Webinar

  • Review your behaviour policy and specifically the language used to describe peer on peer behaviours and the procedures for staff to follow when these occur.
  • The first part of the webinar shows you how to configure Sleuth using the Admin menus. If you are not a Sleuth Admin user, talk to one of your colleagues who is an Admin user about attending the webinar with you.

Tips for following up what you learn in the Webinar

  • Remember to fill in the feedback form. It really helps to hear your views on the webinar experience, format and the content so that we can make them as productive and engaging as possible. When we receive your feedback, one attendee from every webinar will be chosen at random for a free 1:1 online session with the Advisory Team.
  • You can find additional information and guidance by clicking the Help button (bottom right of your screen) when you are using Sleuth. Type in the Search box to find specific articles.
  • We offer 1:1 online sessions all year round where one of the Sleuth Advisory Team can tailor bespoke training to your own setting, policies and Sleuth system. There are also sessions available on the fundamentals of Sleuth for all users and advanced sessions for key-users – Link to to page of training options
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