Key Features of Sleuth

Listed below are some examples of features in Sleuth that our users have found to be particularly beneficial for tracking behaviour and personal development.

Expert advisory, training and support included

For the best possible start to your Sleuth Project, we include a programme of online and on-site training to support your launch of Sleuth which is delivered by our own advisory team, experts in education, project management, organisational improvement and behaviour management practice.

1-Click reporting to keep all staff informed

1-click is all it takes in Sleuth to analyse, collate and present a comprehensive range of reports to profile a pupil, a group or the whole school, revealing patterns, trends and progress over any time period. The content and presentation of each report can be tailored for its intended purpose and audience, e.g. for review, for parent/carer, for agency support.

Create and share tailored reports with selected staff

We will work with you to create your own Monitoring & Evaluation Schedule so that every member of staff has on-demand access to the targeted information they each need for their role and their cohorts. Custom reports can be created and shared with colleagues or entire staff teams and you can track their use by individual staff too.

Efficiently manage notifications and referrals between colleagues

Sleuth efficiently manages communication of events between colleagues, notifying staff, indicating if further action is required and providing tools for efficient follow-up. Line managers can quickly oversee referrals to direct support, monitor policy and ensure events are concluded appropriately.

Alert staff immediately when events have happened

Individual actions in Sleuth can be set to trigger an alert to individual staff, a staff role (e.g. HoY, SENDCo) or a group of staff (e.g. SLT, Behaviour Support), which can be received on mobile devices with specific instructions to take follow-up action or for information only.

Track the progress of any group of learners

As well as profiling behaviour for key groups (e.g. gender, ethnicity, age, pupil premium, LAC, EAL), you can also track groups of your own choosing in Sleuth, based on needs, key worker, pupil ability, provision or location for example. You can then focus your analysis and reporting on these groups independently of others.

Efficiently manage notifications and referrals

Create your own staff teams in Sleuth (e.g. SLT, NQT, behaviour support, phase team or dept) and use for data analysis and to efficiently share information and manage notifications or referrals to teams of staff.

Adapts to support your own pastoral systems and policies

Sleuth is incredibly flexible and we give you all the tools you need to configure it to your own school and pastoral policies. You control what to record and in how much detail and you control what to analyse and report to meet the different information needs of your staff, now and as they evolve.

Accurate, efficient and detailed record-keeping

Recording an event in Sleuth is quick, straightforward and always accurately reflects exactly what has taken place, from a simple observation of one learner’s behaviour to a complex event involving several learners presenting multiple behaviours leading to different actions taken by different staff.

Secure management of safeguarding concerns (optional module)

Sleuth securely manages sensitive or confidential concerns related to safeguarding. All staff can raise concerns but only DSLs have access (with 2-factor authentication) to track and follow-up concerns. Use the information in Sleuth to inform safeguarding investigations, support and to monitor outcomes. More details.

Accurately measure progress in personal and social development

A pupil's personal development can be accurately tracked using a range of structured assessments in Sleuth, e.g. for communication skills, social independence or emotional literacy. You can analyse results, compare assessments and calculate progress in detail or summary. Use your own assessment frameworks and those developed and shared by other schools.

Physical intervention recording, analysis and reporting

Sleuth records any details where physical intervention is used, including all holds and any injuries. This electronic version of the ‘bound-book’ offers significant benefits, providing comprehensive analysis, alerts to key staff, automatic document/form generation, instant reporting and a tamper-proof audit trail of any changes.

All related information in one place for easy access and reference

Attach images, documents, video or forms to any event to supplement the recorded details (e.g. with photos, video or meeting notes) and/or to provide quick , centralised access to all pastoral information such as behaviour support plans, medical notes, witness statements or signed documents.

Motivate learners and embed values through positive recognition

Sleuth efficiently tracks all the positive behaviours, personal skills and school values that you want to encourage through consistent recognition. A suite of reports analyses progress so you can celebrate the success of individuals, peer groups and track core values across the whole school.

Record, communicate and analyse any noteworthy information

Any information that is relevant to the support and well-being of a pupil can be recorded in Sleuth, e.g. phonecalls, meetings, interventions, support plans, illness, etc. These noteworthy events can be communicated, analysed and reported to contribute to more detailed profiling and targeted support.

Automatically synchronise core data with your MIS

Sleuth can automatically synchronise data (including pupils, class groups, staff, parents and timetable data) with most major MIS (including SIMS, CMIS, Integris, ISAMS, Engage, Bromcom, Arbor) so your core data is always up to date with your own administration system and no rekeying is required.

Fully managed, secure, online solution for staff, parents and pupils

Sleuth is a secure online system accessible over the internet to authorised staff, and optionally, parents and pupils (using MySleuth) . Access can also be restricted to specific locations (e.g. school site only). Data management is inclusive so no local IT resource is required to maintain Sleuth.

Flexible points system for tracking and rewarding

Sleuth includes a flexible points system so individual behaviours, skills and actions can lead to points accrued by pupils which can measure progress or be used to trigger school rewards (for individuals and/or groups). MySleuth allows pupils to track their points progress and, if you wish, exchange points for prizes and prilvileges in a school-managed shop.

Get news home quickly and in style (and for free)

Parents and carers can be kept informed and engaged through Sleuth's automatic personalised alerts to notify about particular events recorded, points achieved or actions taken by staff. Alerts can be customised using your school's logo, colours and graphics (e.g. letterheads or certificates). Hard-copy documents can also be generated for printing and presenting to pupils/parents.

Touch-screen friendly for whiteboards and tablets

Sleuth works in supported web browsers connected to the internet and scales for any device size. Data entry is touch-screen friendly and efficient using specially a designed click-pad interface.

Configurable access and quick login

Access to Sleuth is efficient and secure through a range of configurable login and security options to suit your users, including setting IP ranges, memorable word, remember me and keep-me-logged-in.

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