Online Presentation / Remote Support

We can deliver online presentations, training and support using a range of software conferencing tools.  We will give you instructions by phone or by email to select the best option for you.

Usually this will just involve clicking on one of the following links:

  1. Fastviewer – Full Client (EXE download)
  2. Fastviewer – Simple Web Client
  3. Join Me – Free Meeting
  4. Join Me – Sleuth Meeting

[For Join Me, options 3 and 4, click the link to check System Requirements or to read further information about Join Me Meetings]

In most cases, you will simply be connecting over the internet to a computer screen at our end which we’ve given you permission to view.  No software needs installing and we don’t need access to your computer.  However, some school networks may restrict the use of these tools so please talk to your local Network Manager in advance to check access and, if necessary, request temporary permission for these tools to be used.

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